“Sue is a very nice person who is easy to talk to and who is understanding. She is like an immense toolbox of solutions that can diagnose and repair problems that are not always obvious. She helped my son who had a number of behavioural problems and was able to use a variety of techniques to help him understand and cope with his issues. We would not hesitate to use Sue again if we needed help.”Tony, October 2018.

Primary aged male having problems with sleep and after 3 sessions said:

“I was having terrible problems getting to sleep on my own. Sue managed to help me calm down and understand why I was having difficulty. Sue was very easy to talk to and she gave me lots of things to practice to help me with night time. I am very glad my mummy took me to see Sue, she has helped me an awful lot.”

“I still sometimes have problems getting to sleep but I now have things I can do to help.”

February 2018.

“A very good workshop; lovely session, much needed and useful.”

“Good for identifying personal needs, was a very positive experience.”

“Really enjoyable session. Felt calm and relaxed, I will definitely try to put in place some of the ideas.”

March 2017, From the Stress Management Sessions run for school staff.

“The results have been fantastic. She bonded really well with Sue and talked about her away from the sessions. A great environment for the sessions to take place in. I would recommend Sue to anyone, my child is a much happier child now.”
December 2016, From the parents of an old 8 year old girl who wanted help with worrying.

“Very relaxing, calm and some great advice on keeping calm in stressful situations. Really helped us all understand there are things we can do when feeling stressed. Thank you very much.”
December 2015, 1st West Hallam Ranger Guides

“I recently engaged Sue’s services as I was encountering some professional and personal issues that I felt could be resolved using various therapy and hypnosis systems.

Sue was intuitive professional and exemplary in her execution of the work required. It was clear that my requirements were specific and possibly unusual, but Sue was equal to the task taking the time to write specific hypnosis scripts akin to that of a contoured suit.

There has been a huge shift in my psyche since seeing Sue, I have lost weight, begun exercising and feel that my future has now been placed on exactly the correct path to huge and unlimited success.

My consultation with Sue has 100% hit the spot. I am in no doubt that it is Sues work with me that has me targeted, motivated and happier.

If you want focus, change or just need to be on a different path to your current one then Sue is the one to help. As the saying goes, the true person always shines through and with Sue once she shines for you then enlightenment is with you.”
December, 2014 – James, 46, Motivation for Success