Welcome to Susan Grainger Therapy

Susan is a fully qualified reflexologist, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practitioner, hypnotherapy supervisor and CPD provider, practising in Derbyshire and working with clients online from around the country.

I’ve been a hypnotherapist since 2014 and I’m proud to be a member of the National Council for Integrative Practitioners and the General Hypnotherapy Council.

I have found that working collaboratively with my clients and employing a range of strategies and techniques, yields the best results. Tailored support in 1-1 sessions means that your individual requirements can be met, leaving you free to explore issues and find pleasing solutions.

As an NCIP Accredited Supervisor it is my job to support qualified hypnotherapists in their work and development. I take this responsibility very seriously and will always endeavour to give an all round balanced approach to any enquiry. Qualified hypnotherapists can contact me directly for more information on how to access group or 1 – 1 supervision.

Susan Grainger Therapy Ilkeston

Susan Grainger Hyp Dip, MGHR, AccMNCP, PICT

Visit my ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ page to learn more about hypnotherapy and the way I work.

Services and Benefits


Do you find yourself with lots of ‘to do’ lists? Maybe your thoughts spiral out of control making it difficult to concentrate? Does panic then ensue with you making knee-jerk decisions and leaving you with a sense of spinning quickly but getting nowhere?

Do you have symptoms such as forgetfulness, indigestion or heartburn?

Are your sleep patterns disturbed and your eating routines chaotic?

Any of these symptoms could be the initial signs of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It’s time to stop.

Taking time for yourself for a reflexology treatment could be the perfect antidote to combatting signs and symptoms of a stressful life style. This gentle treatment helps to rebalance the whole body bringing about an enhanced feeling of comfort and well-being.

60 minute consultation (including treatment): £60.00

45 minute session (subsequent treatment): £40.00


I could describe hypnotherapy in a variety of ways but I find that by understanding this natural state of focused attention begins to strengthen the mind and body connection and creates an organic experience for the client. It is different for everybody, because we are all unique. The point to remember, and in answer to a question I get asked a lot is, you remain in complete control during a session of hypnosis. I am, as the therapist, just a guide. “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis” therefore, with practice and guidance you too, can become the master of your thoughts.

It is a gentle and effective way to deal with whatever is stopping you moving forward, or is causing an emotional ‘knot’ in the flow.

People experience hypnosis in different ways, none better or worse than the other, just different. The outcome will be identified and we will work together to make progress.

On average, 4 – 6 sessions will see some progress on an issue, be that clarity about the issue itself or a mindset shift, your perspective can alter to help you feel better and more in control.

Discovery sessions start at £99 for 2 x 1 hour appointments.

Can be done in person or via Zoom.

Introductory Sessions

The Introductory Sessions come in a range of topics which mirror some of the general themes that people often seek help with such as how to improve their level of self-care or how to manage anger.

These sessions are done on a 1-1 basis via Zoom and are all one-hour duration. The benefit of a 1-1 session is that some of the content can be tailored to your individual circumstances or situation so becoming a powerful start to moving forward in your understanding and making resolution clearer.

Introductory Sessions are a great way of ‘try before you buy’ giving your complete peace of mind and allowing you to experience this work in a safe and measured way.

For some clients, this is enough, however, if you wish to continue on your therapy journey, check out the other options available.

Introductory Sessions: £40.00

I look forward to meeting you soon on one of my Introductory Sessions.

Anger Management

Discover facts about anger, particularly female anger.

Learn to spot the signs and understand more of what effect anger has on the body and mind. Find out why it is useful and explore some helpful strategies to help turn the potentially destructive influence into powerful force for good.

This one-hour Introductory sessions covers these elements and more to provide you with understanding and space to develop a bespoke plan.

Can be done in person or via Zoom.

Introductory Session: £40.

1 – 1 Programme: £195.

Journal Writing

Discover what journal writing is (and isn’t) and learn some effective techniques, learn how to start and keep going with the writing habit and understand the benefits some of which help adjust your emotional state, and help you plan and achieve with clarity and purpose.

This one-hour Introductory sessions covers these elements and more to provide you with understanding and space to develop a bespoke plan.

Can be done in person or via Zoom.

Introductory Session: £40.

1 – 1 Programme: £195.

Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat

I offer all new clients a FREE 30 minute consultation to allow the opportunity to ask any questions and plan from there.