Hypnosis produces a calming and relaxing state in the client therefore allowing the subconscious mind to explore issues that may otherwise be ignored, glossed over and not addressed, in order to move forward. Not all issues need to be ‘rooted out’ in order for this to happen however this process leads to a greater understanding of the consequences and actions that occur. This makes hypnosis a great complimentary therapy to address conditions like depression, post traumatic stress including birth trauma etc.

“My daughter has been having hypnotherapy with Sue to work on anxiety issues. Sue is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to try hypnotherapy for their children. The environment is peaceful and relaxing and the scripts are tailored ┬áto the individual using their interests and what needs to be worked on. The sessions with Sue have equipped my daughter with the skills to help manage her anxiety and she always comes away from her sessions relaxed and happy. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough.”
July, 2015. Ilkeston, Derbyshire