Dieting becomes more effective (up to 30 per cent)) when observed with hypnosis. If you have tried and failed on occasion to reach your target weight using fad diets and medication, stop! Hypnotherapists believe you have everything you need to succeed. Losing weight is more about harnessing the power of your subconscious mind and using your own abilities to change the way you think, feel and respond to the way you think about food. It teaches you to think positively and eat mindfully. Hypnosis is not only helpful to combat unhealthy and unhelpful behaviours; it is also a great tool if you’re looking to adopt healthy habits like regular exercise.

I tried it – Hypnosis for Weight Loss article by Charlotte Andersen in Shape Magazine

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy – studies have shown 24 out of 25 people lost weight with this programme.

Weight Loss Support Programme

A 6 session / 7-hour weight loss support programme. Together we deal with what has gone wrong and right in the past in relation to losing weight and keeping it off. Setting out your goals right at the beginning to get focus and energy required to achieve them.

If cravings are a problem, there is a solution for that, similarly if you find you go great guns and then plateau or stall and we will also sort out too and what to do if ‘blips’ happen and how to manage ‘tricky’ situations that have taken you off task before.

Building your confidence to achieve your goals and reinforcing resilience to make these changes a lifelong thing will beat the heart of all we do.

I will assist you in keeping your promise to yourself for a healthier, slimmer and fitter future you!

Please leave me your details – name and email address – if you would like to hear more about the programme and for a free, no obligation chat about how it can help you achieve your weight loss goals.