I am asked this question a lot. Hypnotherapy, mixed with other therapies and interventions such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can effectively address a multitude of issues and problems. Some of the more widely explored issues are:-

  • Children and Teenagers, anxiety and stress can affect children and teenagers regardless of their family circumstances.
  • Parenting Confidence both before and after the birth of a child – this can be such an anxiety provoking time, particularly the first time, let’s talk about it so you can enjoy your new arrival without negative feelings getting in the way.
  • Weight Management, control of eating habits by not only changing the behaviour you are unhappy with but also understanding why this behaviour occurs.
  • Stress Management, understanding triggers and gaining more control over your life. being able to make accurate and sound decisions.
  • Anxiety including symptoms of panic attacks
  • Low self esteem and confidence issues, what is holding you back from that new job, new relationship, commitment?
  • Phobias and Fears, such as flying, spiders, public speaking etc. Let’s regain control.
  • OCD Tendencies e.g. hand washing, excessive checking of safety
  • Habits e.g. comfort eating. nail biting, smoking
  • Trust and Relationship Problems – parent/child, spouse/partner, employer/employee,
  • Manage IBS Symptons – using body and mind balance techniques
  • Trauma Resolution – sufferers of childhood abuse

Supportive Strategies for both parent / carer and child

Our children are so precious and, as parents we all try our best to ensure they are safe and happy. However, there are times when children can struggle despite what we can provide.

Susan Grainger Therapy offers a range of supportive strategies for both parent / carer and child for topics that include:-Time For you Therapy offers a range of supportive strategies for both parent /carer and child

  • Transition to full time school
  • Transition to secondary education
  • Anxiety management
  • Feelings work
  • Confidence building
  • Parent coaching and support
  • Journal writing – coaching for parents


As we all learn from our experiences, we can learn to view a situation from another angle so producing a different result. All behaviour has a positive intention, finding that intention through supportive therapy can be the key to finding the solution that unlocks the power of your mind and therefore your potential to move on in a more positive way.

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